Let’s Talk About Feeling Blue?

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Blue is one of those colours filled with contradictions. Some people consider feeling blue to be feeling peace of mind and tranquillity. However, feeling blue refers to a state of being depressed and sad. Depression is one of the most terrifying disorders whose diagnoses are rapidly rising. Depression is often caused by a state of feeling lonely and sad. However, in this internet era, there is no one out there who can actually claim they are alone because even in the privacy of their own room, they still have stranger through the use of social platforms and other outlets.

When to visit a psychologist?

Life is full of challenges and there is no assurance that things won’t change. This in turn will make us feel a wide range of feelings from sadness to happiness. However, there is a difference between being sad and being clinically depressed. If a loved one passes away or when you lose something or someone of great important, you will feel as sense of sadness and dread. This feeling is considered normal until it starts to hinder your progress in other aspects of your life. When you feel broken or just depressed enough that you are unable to move from the place you are, and then you need to consult a Bondi Junction eating disorder clinic first. They will be able to diagnose you and give you are a confirmatory statement if it is actually depression.

Talk to a specialist

Most psychologists tend to avoid medicines unless it is a necessity. Medical model is often pursued by psychiatrist to keep the patient under control and lucid. However, medicines often have many side effects that it often is considered worst than the disease in itself. You should consult a depression psychologist here in case of being diagnosed with depression. There are different types of depression like major depressive disorder, bipolar disorder and others. When you consult a specialist, you will be able to get more accurate diagnosis of your disease and helps you to cope with it. They would have a wide range of therapies in their treatment plan to help you win your battle against depression.Apart from the above mentioned most people are afraid of the judgmental stares and people poking fun of them. However, we need to talk about the significance and importance of mental disorder to help the general public understand the consequence of ignoring a person or taunting a person with a mental illness. There are reported cases of people with depression committing suicide. Therefore it is important to make sure that they are handled with care by people around them which just mean they should be treated like they would usually treat them and not show pity or tease them for the mental health.